Wednesday, June 28, 2017

And We're On in 3...

Three weeks from right now I will most likely be in a bright OR meeting my baby girl!

I am so ready.

Anybody who has ever been pregnant knows the drill for the last few weeks of pregnancy. It's long, and you're exhausted, and anxious, and sore, and waiting! I'm definitely there. At least there is an end in sight!

Up until this past week I've been keeping up pretty good. I got to take my kids to the zoo last week and before that I took my oldest to his first theme park! I hit a wall this week though... I have hardly any energy and my body just aches all over. When I try and clean around the house, I have to sit down every 15-20 minutes and just rest. I remember getting to this point with the last two pregnancies... I hit it a bit earlier with the twins so I'm glad I made it this far! But I've never had to keep up with 3 kids at this point in the pregnancy. I'm not going to lie, we're heavily relying on entertainment at this point. Don't judge. My kids can go from wild and crazy to sitting down quietly in half a second when I hand them my iPad. In fact, they found my phone and are huddled around it right now watching Ryan's Toy Review (insert eye roll...).  But I don't care! I'm finishing my coffee and this while they rot their brains watching a rich 5 year old give his opinions on the latest toys... seems fair. Anyway, with less energy to clean I can spend some more time sitting on the living room floor with the boys playing or reading. I need to just deal with a little bit of mess around the house for a while.

Little Missy's nursery still isn't quite finished. I just need to hang the wall decor and make some sort of headband holder for her growing collection. I did, however, manage to get pretty much everything washed and ready to go. The rock n play and swing covers are washed, my Boba wrap is clean, and the car seat is all adjusted and ready to go! Speaking of car seat... my mother-in-law has been on a roll with sewing and has made so much for baby girl. The bedding set and quilt were done by her along with a bunch of headbands and leggings. Oh, and a matching roman shade for the nursery, too! Well, she begged me to let her rip apart the car seat cover to make it girlier. I was skeptical, and told her the brown was fine, but she wanted to tackle it! I'm so glad she did... how cute is this?!

She basically took the old cover and ripped off the top layer to put new fabric on it. It's still the same cover and padding so there are no safety issues to worry about. The picture makes it hard to tell, but the gray fabric has metallic little hearts on it and I love them! It took me a ridiculously long time to pick out fabric from JoAnn's (especially since I was trying to coordinate with my gorgeous Copper Pearl multi-use cover!) but I'm so happy with how it turned out. She did such a great job!

So we're pretty much ready! I still have to sterilize pacifiers, bottles, and pump parts but I have time. She'll be here before I know it, right? Maybe... time does seem to drag during the last few weeks.

I still can't believe I'm going to have a daughter! Three weeks, baby girl! Momma's waiting for you.


  1. Her arrival is getting so close!!!! I can't wait to meet her!💕

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