Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Single Digits!

I'm not thrilled that I'm having a c-section, but at least I there's the perk of knowing exactly when she's coming! I can't believe it's a week from tomorrow! With the twins I assumed I could go in to labor at any point past like 36 weeks, so it seemed like the longest month of my life from that point until actually meeting them on my due date. But now I'm so close with an end in sight! 

I had a little nesting phase yesterday with this random burst of energy. It's not very often anymore that I feel up to tackling big tasks... it's more clean for 10 minutes, sit down for 10. Not very efficient.  But yesterday I got quite a bit done, including sterilizing all the pacifiers and pump parts. Not sure how much I will use the pump but at least it's ready. My hubby hung this pretty chandelier in baby girl's room yesterday and it looks awesome! I organized my bedroom and made sure the rock n play will fit next to my bed. Lots done, not much left to do! 

But today I wanted to post about my first born! It was his fourth birthday this past weekend and I want to make sure I remember this stage of his life, cause oh my gosh- I love it! 

Four years ago I became a mother to my sweet Easton. That first year was rough... we were up all night, I worked full time, and I was trying to get the hang of this motherhood thing.  Fast forward a bit and that little guy is my best buddy.  He is my sunshine, my helper, my sweetheart! Like literally right now, he just found a cardboard box on the kitchen floor and asked if he could go throw it "in the 'cycle bin" for me. All day long he tells me he loves me and thanks me for even the simplest things I do for him.  The newest compliment is "Mom, you know you're my favorite girl in the world?" I hear that all day. I mean, he will use the same thing for his grandma's or aunts but still. I hear it the most, and it absolutely melts my heart. It's saddening to know he will grow up and I will embarrass him and make him mad.. but for right now, I'm his favorite girl in the world! 

Any mom would love to have him as their child. He cleans up his dishes without being asked, he hardly ever gives me attitude, he's easy going and happy, and he dishes out the sweetest compliments. I mean, he notices when I put nicer clothes on or get my nails done and always tells me I'm so pretty. Not to rub it in, but that 3 year old stage that everyone dreads? Never really had it. He was an angel. (Don't worry, the twins make up for it... I'm not walking down easy street by any means). 

He wanted a Cars birthday party so we had that for him on his birthday. It was all family and I made baked ziti, cause it's his favorite thing in the world. He lives off of yogurt, cheerios, bananas, and pb&j, but if I happen to make ziti (with penne noodles only... he won't eat anything else) he will demolish three plates of it. He helped me make cupcakes for his party because he loves to bake! 

We got him a ton of Super Mario things since one of his favorite things right now is playing Mario Kart with daddy. He has to have Luigi and the "monster truck with big tires." He finally got his remote control Grave Digger he's been asking for since last fall, a set of Transformer Rescue Bots and a bunch of Lego sets. His tastes may change, but I doubt Legos will be going anywhere. Between the three of them, I am prepared to step on sharp little plastic blocks for the next 10 years or so. Oh well, I wanted boys! 

It was a great party and he was so good about it all being over the next day. Even as an adult, I get bummed when my birthday is over... but he was fine. He had lots of awesome toys to play with so he was happy. 

I'm so blessed that God chose me to be his Momma. He truly makes my life soooo much better and my days so much sweeter.  Happy fourth birthday, Easton! We're so proud of you and we love you so much! 

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  1. My sweet boy! Love him so much. Such a blessing!💙