Thursday, February 25, 2016

6 Month Update

Ok, both twins are asleep and I assume I have about 5 minutes before one wakes, just enough time to type my thoughts about them being 6 months... here it is...

Dear sweet baby Jesus, help me.

I made the mistake of taking to heart the comments I heard from other twin moms about things getting easier at 6 months. My twins took it as a challenge. I think my lack of sleep the past 6 months caught up and drained my patience and cheery attitude. The next person to tell me they've always wanted twins might get a black eye and a chance to babysit while I go sit in a Tim Hortons and drown my sorrows in coffee.

They are sweet boys, don't get me wrong. They are learning new things and making me laugh and playing well, some of the time. But we're at the "mommy, don't leave the room or I'll diiiieeeee" stage and the "sleep is lame, I'm going to fight you every nap" stage. It's not my favorite. But I will survive I suppose. Next week we start sleep training because I just can't. even.  Each boy is up an average of 4 times a night. Mommy is lucky to get a straight 2 hours most nights. So yeah, time for some changes there. Hopefully, my patience will return when I'm getting just a wee bit more sleep. It's embarrassing to say, but I currently sleep in their room on a twin mattress on the floor. It's been 6 months since I've slept in my own bed. I've about had it. Ok, enough with the depressing stuff.

We just had their 6 month check up! Mr. Maverick weighs 14 pounds and 13 ounces, such a little peanut! He's about 26 inches long. Tucker is 16 pounds, 11 ounces, and 27.25 inches. They've consistently been about 2 pounds and 1-2 inches apart. I'm curious to see if Maverick catches up. He's not quite as interested in food as Tucker. He'll eat it, but his attention is gone after a few minutes. Tucker, that boy can eat. It's so much fun trying new foods with them!

Bath time is very entertaining. I used to fill the tub with just a little water and put them both in together. It was cute. They splashed, we all laughed.  But last week the boys decided bath time was time to practice MMA. They refuse to stay on their backs, so they flip over and kick each other and spin and bonk their heads. It's a war zone. Until they can safely sit up, it's one baby at a time!

Big brother Easton is the best. He has his typical two-year-old moments, but for the most part, he's been a great help. He makes us laugh when we need it, he doesn't scream and throw ridiculous temper tantrums when we aren't giving him enough attention, and he even brings the babies toys when they are crying. God knew we'd have our hands full and blessed us with such an easy going little boy.

I believe that's all the time I have, folks. I'm hoping the next update will be a little more positive. I'm praying for sleep and happy twins by next month!

Mav on left, Tuck on right

Brothers! Tucker, Easton, Maverick

Mav, Easton ,Tuck

Friday, February 5, 2016

No, I am Not Dead!

In case you were wondering, I am, in fact, still alive and so are my three boys. We are one week shy of being able to say we made it 6 months with twins! I'm exhausted, I probably stink, my house is kind of a disaster, but we survived. Go us!

Right now, the stars have aligned and I somehow magically got all three boys to sleep at the same time. It's been about 13 minutes since I set the last boy down... this might be a new record. Aaaaaaaannnnd that will be about it. Maverick awakes.

Oh well, I can type one handed I guess.

Quick update: the boys are doing wonderfully!

Maverick is our little goof ball. He giggles at everything. He blows raspberries constantly. We call him Mavey James, Mav, MJ, Peanut. He is significantly smaller than his "little" bro. He gets up on all 4's and rocks, but hasn't quite mastered crawling. His hands and feet are constantly moving and we always lose his socks. He can be loud. He plays so well. He's a little ball of joy!

Tucker is Mr. Serious and looks and acts just like big bro Easton did at that age. He's strong. And chubby! We call him Tuck Tuck, Tuck the Tank, Tuck the turd, Fat Boy. He has two teeth! He gets very excited about eating. And we're only in week one of solid foods, but he really likes food. He'll be that kid to finish his and his brother's helping. He likes to give sloppy kisses. He would sleep next to mommy all night if I'd let him. Definitely a momma's boy!

They are still a LOT of work, and they don't really love to sleep so it's been a loooooong 6 months. But so much will change in the next few months. I'm excited to be starting solids and maybe be able to go a little longer between nursing sessions. I'm excited to see them start crawling and sit up by themselves. If they are anything like their older brother, they will be walking in less than 3 months. So much fun stuff!

Hopefully the next few months will bring just a little bit more freedom for me, which will include updating the blog more often.

Time's up for now though, all 3 are up! Here's to hoping I'll update again before they turn 1!