Monday, April 11, 2016

8 Months

Tomorrow, the twins turn 8 months! I can't believe it. I have survived 8 months with twins! Go me.

Today, we are celebrating. I just put 2 wide awake boys in their cribs, and within 1 minute... ONE minute... they were laying down going to sleep. Let me tell you, this is a victory. So, I put the 3rd boy down for nap time and I actually have some time to update my blog. I have a cup of coffee next to me, Jesus Culture Pandora playing in the background, and some time to focus long enough to write a post. 

Where do I start?

Since I already brought it up, we'll start with sleeping. How are they sleeping? Well, not great but not terrible either. Last night they were up twice but I'm blaming stuffy noses. We are teaching them to fall asleep on their own, which is hard when you've literally nursed them to sleep every night and nap for most of their lives. I don't regret it though, it's one of the wonderful things that goes with breastfeeding. It's a tough habit to break, but today's nap proved that we're making big steps in the right direction! They sleep from 8-8:30pm to 7-8am (with a wake up or two in there) and they take 2-3 naps a day. I try my darndest to keep them on a schedule but they prove to me over and over that they are two completely different kids. One will sleep a half hour, the other an hour and a half. Then usually by next nap one is overtired and one isn't quite tired yet. I'll be glad when their naps are more consistent. 

Eating next. Oh man, these boys love their food! We went a completely different route with the twins than we did Easton. Easton we did strictly purees for a long time and he turned out to be THE PICKIEST eater ever. His parents are picky, so there's that, but this kid lives off of cereal, peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, and yogurt. Anyway, with the twins I wanted to do it differently. Right from the start we did more chunky purees and chunks of food. Maverick still doesn't have teeth, and Tucker has two, but they do really good with different types of food. They like chicken, meatballs, pasta, banana, applesauce, sweet potato chunks, squash, dry wheat toast, heck... they've tried pizza and ice cream too! Pretty much anything we try, Maverick will eat. Tuck is a little pickier but eats waaaaay more than Easton ever did. It's so much fun letting them try new stuff. They also still nurse (8 months and counting, go me!) a lot. Their new thing is what I'm calling "territorial nursing." They fight over me. If one is nursing, the other gets mad and even if I fed them 10 minutes ago, they will demand more milk to prove that Mom is their territory. It's entertaining for a minute, until I feel like a piece of meat. 

Watching them play is getting more fun every day. Now that they can crawl, the whole house is fair game. They love to explore and get into trouble. They love to pull each other's hair or crawl on top of each other. But a lot of times they will sit there and play like big boys in the living room. Easton is chomping at the bit to be able to play with them more. He has a pop up tent that he insists on putting over their heads and crawling in with them. Give it another year and these three will be inseparable I bet! 

Maverick is our silly boy. He's loud. Laughs at everything. Talks all the time. Constantly crawls to the bathroom to yank at the shower curtain. He rubs his feet together and is always missing a sock. He's short and so little, but eats like a horse. Blueberries are a favorite. He can drink from a straw! We still call him Mavy or Mavy J. He's a sweetheart. He stands well and crawls super quick. 

Tucker, we fittingly call Meatball. He's a big boy. He's sensitive, but strong. He is a new kid now that he can crawl and stand. He even will let go for a few seconds. He claps! He is Tuck Tuck. He is a snuggler. Tucker loves Tucker... he loves looking in the mirror! He is also a sweetheart... he gives the best slobbery kisses. He's a little stubborn, and he's much quieter than Mav. Everyone swear he is Easton's look-a-like but I look at him and see myself. 

While I'm at it, let's do Easton. There are so many things about him right now that I never want to forget. He's sweet. He will kiss me for no reason and demands hugs all day. He brings the babies toys when they cry. He still can't talk very well, so he has his own language. The way he says purple makes me melt. He loves playdough, which he calls "pee-ka". He loves to paint, too...he's creative. He can build super impressive towers with this one set of blocks he has.  I can see him becoming an engineer like his grandpa... he can be really methodical and particular with tower-building. He loves Toy Story and Cars, he's kind of over his Despicable Me obsession. He goes on the potty like a pro and has for months now. Jer and I love all our kids equally, but Easton has a special place in our hearts being our first. I say all the time that God gave him that personality because he was planning for us having twins. He doesn't get jealous or throw huge temper tantrums. He's such a good big brother. He loves youtube videos and can somehow get Netflix to pop up on our TV... it's kind of impressive. Once it's on he demands to watch "trucks" which is DinoTrux. He loves technology but will play outside for hours and cry when he has to go in. His favorite time of the day is right before bed, when the twins are asleep and he gets to hang out on Mom and Dad's bed for a while. 

Our boys are just amazing. They are hard work, let me tell ya, but they are so worth it. Being their Momma is so stinking awesome. 

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite pictures right now:

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I think parents overuse the word officially. You go on Facebook sometimes and it seems like everybody's kid is "officially" doing something. "My kid is officially walking!" Or "My kid is officially eating solid foods." Or "My kid is officially picking his nose." I mean, it gets out of hand. Buuuuuuut, at the same time, I love to look back and remember at what age my kids do what, and if that means posting it on social media so that I can remember, so be it.

With that said, the twins are OFFICALLY crawling, and OFFICIALLY pulling up to a stand. Mav has been crawling for a month I think, but Tuck finally figured it out last week. It was like he knew all along how to do it, he just finally realized that it was time. He had it perfected immediately, no army crawling or awkward leg drag. The standing is also new as of two weeks ago or so. They both started pulling themselves up around the same time, which is a first. They hardly ever do anything at the same time to prove that they are two completely different boys. Mom, we're twins, but were fraternal. What was I saying? Oh yeah, standing. They do it constantly, and they fall constantly. They need helmets. And I think I need to change my guesses on when they will walk. I originally said 9 months for Mav, and 11 months for Tuck, but they are proving to be motivated little stinkers.  I'm so proud of them but my life just got a little bit busier!

I'll leave you with a picture from Easter... It is impossible to get a picture with all 3 looking or smiling, and I'm no good with photoshop, so don't judge me.