Saturday, October 17, 2015

Surviving the first 2 Months

I've been trying to update this for a while now. Two days ago I got as far as the heading. Today, I'm hoping to complete this, or the two month update will never get done. I'm pretty sure I only have about 15 minutes before Maverick wakes up.

So we've survived the first two months. I won't sugar coat it, I'm glad those first 8 weeks are behind me. We're getting the hang of things finally, and I'm starting to learn their personalities. I finally know pretty much what I can expect from them. Maverick won't nap for more than 45 minutes in his crib, but he'll nap in the wrap on my chest for as long as I'm willing to hold him in it. Tucker will nap for a couple hours, it's great. At night however, Tucker is the first to get up and eat. Maverick will go 6 hours. Although, that's even starting to change. I'm not sure if I should thank my new Dohm sound machine or not, but they both slept about 5- 6 hours straight the past two nights. After dealing with Easton, who hated any form of sleep, I'm in heaven with 5+ hours of straight sleep.

They eat well, and are gaining good weight. At their two month check ups, Tucker was an even 10 pounds (he was 6lbs 4 oz a week after birth) and Maverick is 8lbs, 9oz (he was 4lbs 15oz at his lowest point!). My little Maverick is the size of many newborns at two months old, but he's a strong little stinker. He's already rolled belly-to-back a few times!

They are starting to love their play gym with toys hanging off of it. They both will bat at the toys and talk to them. They love when we make goofy faces or funny noises. It's pretty easy to get a smile from them now!

We have our fussy times (usually in the afternoon for a while, and then again before bed) but we've managed to figure out which baby likes what to calm them down. If I'm alone, it's much harder to keep them happy though!

I'm keeping my sanity for now. Easton is fully embracing the terrible twos. He loves to get into trouble when I'm nursing. Thank God for washable markers, because otherwise I'd have some nice green doodles all over my kitchen floor.  I try to give him the attention he needs, but it's really hard right now. He loves when Daddy comes home from work and can play with him.

Also, I am officially a STAY AT HOME MOM! I didn't think I could work full time with twins, and now I'm completely sure about that. It just wouldn't work. I'm soooo happy that I am able to be home with my boys!

I guess that's all I can think of to update with. I'll leave you with some pics of my sweet boys!

(Maverick on left, Tucker on right)

My handsome Maverick

My sweet Tucker

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Seven Weeks Old

As of Wednesday, the twins are 7 weeks old! We're almost out of the newborn stage and we're starting to try and get into a routine. Let me tell ya, twins are hard. The first 4 or 5 weeks were kind of a nightmare, to put it lightly. I don't want to speak too soon, but I think we're headed out of the woods. From what I hear from other twin moms, we won't be out of the woods completely until they turn one, but I'm headed down the path out anyway. If I had just one more hand, I'd be golden. I can hold a baby in each arm and rock or bounce them, but an extra hand would be helpful when the binky falls out or when Easton needs something that just can't wait. I'm getting creative, though.

The boys are growing well and nursing is going great. I think once they hit a month old, it became much easier. They latched well, I learned to nurse more discreetly, and we figured out some different holds for nursing.  Despite some serious weight loss the first week, we never had to supplement which I'm really proud of! No, I'm not judging anyone who has to use formula, but I was aiming to exclusively breast feed and we're being successful! Next week is their 2 month physical already, I'm anxious to see how much they've grown! At their lowest weights, Maverick was just under 5 pounds and Tucker barely over 6. I am thrilled to now be seeing thighs and cheeks getting chubbier!

My help is all back to work so most days it's just me and the three boys. I've managed to figure out how to time things well in order to be able to get a shower in, or throw a load of laundry in. I've heard that twin moms learn how to be really efficient with their time and I'm starting to see why! The amount of cleaning I can get done in 10 minutes is growing every day. It helps that the boys are becoming more aware of their surroundings and more content to just look around. Big Brother Easton is great at entertaining them and giving them lots of almost-gentle kisses. 

I still cannot believe that I had twins! It's such a challenge but such a blessing. The boys are quickly stealing my heart! It takes time to bond with your newborn, and I think even more when there are two of them, but we're there! Maverick's little lips are the sweetest things and his grins make me melt. I could kiss Tucker's cheeks all day and I love how he relaxes and closes his eyes when I rub his forehead. Tucker just finally started smiling this past week and it is the most incredible smile! Ok, besides his two brothers' smiles...

Sleeping is getting better. Maverick is starting to sleep 5-6 hours at a time at night. Tuck, who I affectionately call Fat Boy, can't go much longer than 3-4 hours. I'm still getting some sleep though. They are good about going right back to sleep after their midnight snacks.

I intended to update this blog much more often, and hopefully that will happen the more I learn to juggle three boys. They grow so much, whether or not anyone reads these, I want to be able to look back and remember the little things! It's definitely already going so quickly.

Better get back to my boys! Enjoy the pics:

Tuck on left, Maverick on right

Mr. Maverick

Baby butts!