Wednesday, September 19, 2018

New Territory

So much changes with kids, and it changes fast. Little things they said or did are gone in a few weeks... phases come and go without warning. I don't know why it's hard for me to get on here to update (ya know, other than the fact that I have four kids and a home to take care of) but I long to sit and write each and every little thing my kids are doing. It's my only sort of pause button in this life of a mom. But life gets in the way, and save for some videos and pictures, little moments are gone in the blink of an eye. Anyway, enough being sappy.

My daughter. She's the reason I wanted to take a minute to write. I titled this post new territory because for this girl of mine often makes me feel like a first time mom with no answers. You know what she's not doing? Sleeping through the night. My boys were all successfully sleep trained well before their first birthday... we tried it, multiple times, it just doesn't work with her. I'm at a loss. Sometimes I spend hours in her room passed out on her floor by her crib, holding her hand in some awkward angle leaving my arm asleep from the shoulder down. It's comfy. (insert eyeroll) So yeah, that's been fun. Now that Easton is in kindergarten my alarm is ringing at 5:50am so I'm adjusting to around 6 hours asleep. I probably could get more if I went to bed at a decent time, but I'm binge watching Jane the Virgin and I just. can't. stop. Don't feel sorry for me! I will always look back at these nights of sleeping on her floor with fondness. I mean, how cute is it that she needs to hold mommy's hand?? I'll survive. There's coffee.

Ok so the second thing on the list of "new" to me is the fact that I, as of today, have nursed her for 14 months. She hates bottles, cows milk, sippy cups of cows milk, cows milk out of a straw (unless it's chocolate, lol) and honestly, she eats like a bird. So, she still nurses. Like a lot. Mostly it's just quick little 3-4 minute sessions. But there is no end in sight. This girl has been a momma's girl since day one and she ain't letting go easy. I always kind of rolled my eyes at extended breastfeeding, but, at this point, I'm too lazy and out of good reasons to wean. Whatevs, she likes it... it's free and good for her. I think 18 months will be a maximum, hopefully before then. I guess we'll see how it goes, but like I said, this is new territory! Easton nursed until 12 months, the twins made it to 14 months too, but that last month was only morning and night.

But time goes so fast. What's a few more months of sleeping on the floor and nursing? She'll get the hang of it. I will long for these days when she's a teenager slamming doors in my face and telling me she doesn't need me.

I'm going to just roll with it. That's my mom-of-four mantra lately. Are they fed, happy, loved, healthy? Yep. Anything else is just details. 💚

Friday, July 20, 2018

One Year.

Yesterday, my sweet baby girl turned one! I have no clue how that happened so fast and I'm not happy about it. I feel like last week she was this chubby, happy, little 4 month old who just smiled all day long. Now she's crawling around with her brothers, playing with toys, being loud and sassy and adorable.

This first year was absolutely wonderful, even though it was fast. My little girl has been my sidekick, my little bestie all year long. Whether I liked it or not, she went with me wherever I went (thanks to clingy-ness and refusal of bottles). Grocery stores, Bible study, Target runs, even date nights. I'm not even mad. Everywhere we went we would get stopped by random strangers commenting on her beauty!
I mean, they are right, right? 

We spend a lot of time together, for sure. She still doesn't sleep through the night, despite all my efforts and multiple attempts at sleep training. She just wants me close. We co-slept for the first six months so I understand. And to be honest, she's my fourth kid so it doesn't really faze me to get up three or four times a night. I've been doing it for five years it seems. Part of her attachment to me is nursing. I don't think we're going to be weaning any time soon. She still nurses probably 6-8 times in a 24 hour period. Usually not for long, but she demands it often. (She thinks she's in control... she kind of is...) She's eating food but never too much at a time. That girl LOVES bananas and most fruit. Blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe are among the top favs. 

She loves to play with her brothers and she thinks she can keep up with them. If they go running down the hall to their bedroom, she's usually not far behind crawling as fast as she can. She can take steps, but it's not her preferred method of getting around yet. She's a bit wobbly still, but I'm ok with that.  

My girl is such a sweetheart. She can be a little dramatic and sticks her little bottom lip out so far when we say no. She will hug or kiss you if you say "awwww." She loves to play outside, especially in the sand. If she finds a dinosaur laying on the ground she will go "rawrrrr" in the cutest way. She likes to say "go!" and was saying quite a few words last month but this month she doesn't feel like it apparently. For a while she was saying "love you" and it melted us all. She does what she wants, though, she is the princess after all. We call her that, but her most popular nickname is still Nugget or Nugs. She answers to it and her brothers even call her that sometimes.

I wish I could sit here and write down every detail of each stage my kids are in right now. They change so fast. The cute thing they did last month is gone now, and the things they are doing today may be gone soon. Right now, Easton is obsessed with Sonic. He's registered for Kindergarten and has started to learn to swim without swimmies. Every time we get in the car he requests the song "Reckless Love." Maverick tells me "love you too" even when I don't say it first. He is still full of trouble but is much better behaved and loves to be silly. Tucker calls Hadley "Haley Laine," and has a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch every morning. He's goofy and always surprises us with how much he gets when we think he's not paying attention. All three of them like to put on capes and masks and shoot the bad guys with nerf guns. They will play outside for hours and be absolutely filthy and happy. They are sweet boys and take such good care of their baby sister. 

It's always chaotic, but I go to sleep every night feeling so grateful and joyful that they are my kiddos. God has been so kind to us.

Back to the grind, it's lunch time! 💚

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Perpetual Winter.

With three boys and northeast winters, we are so ready for spring by the time March comes. To say that we have cabin fever is an understatement. Here it is mid-march and its still snowing, adding to what's already on the ground. I mean, we get excited about 40 degree days, it's that bad.  I went to school near Philadelphia and their spring seemed to come on time. By the end of March, there were signs of life everywhere! Here, it's not until May that we even get to see leaves on the trees.  That's the price we pay for not having to deal with hurricanes, or poisonous snakes/spiders, or tornadoes. I guess we'll survive.

Even though we do have cabin fever, the company couldn't be better. And if you take three seconds to top and start listing the things we're grateful for, the complaining over the weather ceases almost instantly. It's pathetic, really. What do I lack? Sure, sunshine may seem brighter and more joyful, but I have four little sunshines in my house right now, full of life and brightness! And we're cozied up in our small but warm and comfy home, and my morning coffee is still (mostly) warm.  I even have a bunch of songbirds hanging at my feeder lately, including a bright cardinal couple that makes makes me go awwwww.  Long story short, I'm not going to complain!! Life is wonderful. God has heaped his blessings on me and I've got too many to worry about what the weather is doing.

We have a mini-vacation coming up this weekend, though! Two days at an indoor water park will definitely be a pick-me-up! I think I'm more excited than the kiddos. We went last year just for one night and had an absolute blast. The boys are older and will be more independent this year so it should be awesome! Hopefully Hadley will cooperate a little bit. I'm thinking maybe the sound of rushing water will help her pass out when it's nap time. We'll make it work either way. Both sets of grandparents are coming with us and a few Aunts/Uncles so we'll have lots of help!

Other than that, our schedule is pretty light for the next few weeks/months. I like to spend these last few weeks of spring making plans for warmer weather.  I'm excited to get in my gardens and clean up the yard. I had to start my gardens from scratch when we bought the house (5 years ago) and I had no clue what I was doing (still don't!) so I like to add a few new perennials every year.  I've had bad luck with bulbs from Walmart so last year I got a few more mature plants from home depot. I think I'll go someplace local this year and get a few new perennials and a bunch of annuals. I don't ever fertilize them and still somehow my annuals end up really taking off.

Wow, birds, gardens... when did I get so old? This fall I turn 30 so I guess it's okay to have more mature hobbies. I'm not sure that I care, though!! Flowers make me happy. Joanna Gaines likes plants so it must be cool. (She is the standard of cool). And if I don't dream of spring than I start to go crazy with all this gray.

So today, I'm going to plan for our little get-a-way, maybe look at a plant catalog, and fire up the grill in the snow for dinner. Spring is coming!