Sunday, August 6, 2017


I am proud to introduce you all to our daughter, Hadley Laine!
 She was born via scheduled c-section on July 19th at 9:27am. She was 8 pounds on the dot, healthy and beautiful!
Skin to skin in the OR 💗

I cannot put into words how much I love with this little girl! She is absolutely perfect and makes me want to smack the old me who said I only wanted boys. This girl is my world. I can't stop staring at her.  She is so sweet and loves to snuggle. She nurses like a champ and is already passed her birth weight (she's serious about her food, just like her momma!). She's got an adorable but fierce cry that comes out pretty much only during diaper changes and hunger. I could go on about her forever!

More to come...when I have a chance. Life with 4 kids 4 and under is just a little bit busy!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

Well, today is my last day of being a mother to three, my last day as just a boy mom! Everything is ready, we just need her!

I cannot wait to see her face. I want to know if she'll be dark haired or blonde, or if she has Mom's features or Dad's. Will she look like any of her brothers? How much will she weigh? I am thinking she'll be a peanut, less than 8 pounds. Will she have a birthmark? Will she recognize her Momma when she's laid on my chest?

There are worrisome things, too. Will the guy poking my spine be good at his job? Will there be any complications with the surgery? Blood loss?  Will she cry right away? Will she latch okay and gain weight? My mind is spinning today with questions!

But I have family, friends, church family covering me in prayers. I have support, encouragement, and a hand to hold from my husband. I have a big, big God who has a plan for my life. I will rest in that today and tomorrow until all these questions will be answered.

I'm ready for her.

Momma can't wait to meet you, baby girl! Let's do this!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

So Close!

It's almost time! I'm used to the last few weeks of pregnancy dragging on forever, but this is flying by. I'm less than 4 days away from meeting my daughter.

I have a few last minute things to do... switch around some car seats, pack my hospital bag, get my nails done (#priorities), finish some laundry, and clean some random things around the house that are bugging me (nesting much?).  I have about as much motivation as a pot-smoking sloth but I every once in a while I get a few bursts.

I have only a few small details in the nursery to finish but it's good enough for now. I want to share pictures but her name is plastered all over in the room so I guess it will have to wait a bit. Her name isn't really a secret... I tend to tell anyone that asks... but I've kept it off social media so far so I have to make it the last few days!

Meanwhile, my boys are making the last few days fun...ish. They have all been so snuggly! Even Maverick who is not at all a momma's boy has been giving me random kisses and climbing up on my lap to sit with me. It's so sweet. Easton keeps asking to feel her kick and lights up when she does. I think they will be besties. On the less fun side of things... Tuck has figured out how to open the refrigerator and take his pants and diaper off.  And Mavy is obsessed with sneaking into Baby Girl's room to throw around all her socks and jump in her crib. He can't even get her door open but he manages to convince Tuck to open everything for him. Seriously. I watched him "ask" Tuck to open the refrigerator yesterday... he pointed and mumbled some twin language and Tuck clearly got what he was saying.  They are something else. I'm hoping they get it all out of their system now so that when I'm sitting down for a 40 minute nursing session maybe they will just play... hey, a girl can dream.

Honestly, for being 39 weeks pregnant I'm feeling pretty good. Maybe the twin pregnancy was bad enough to make this feel easy. I still sleep pretty well and I'm not 100% uncomfortable all the time. I'm not nearly as swollen as I was the past two pregnancies, and I'm thanking my central AC for that. I really can't complain. (and if I did it would be about the fact that no one brought me potato skins and tortellini with alfredo sauce last night... cause man, that woulda hit the spot) I'm trying to soak in all her kicks and hiccups while I can since this may be the last! I'm so grateful to God that he's had his hand on me this whole pregnancy and it has gone so smoothly. What a blessing!

Well,  I better go muster up some energy to at least empty the dishwasher or fold the laundry that's been in the dryer since yesterday.  Next post should have pictures of a beautiful baby girl! 💗