Wednesday, June 28, 2017

And We're On in 3...

Three weeks from right now I will most likely be in a bright OR meeting my baby girl!

I am so ready.

Anybody who has ever been pregnant knows the drill for the last few weeks of pregnancy. It's long, and you're exhausted, and anxious, and sore, and waiting! I'm definitely there. At least there is an end in sight!

Up until this past week I've been keeping up pretty good. I got to take my kids to the zoo last week and before that I took my oldest to his first theme park! I hit a wall this week though... I have hardly any energy and my body just aches all over. When I try and clean around the house, I have to sit down every 15-20 minutes and just rest. I remember getting to this point with the last two pregnancies... I hit it a bit earlier with the twins so I'm glad I made it this far! But I've never had to keep up with 3 kids at this point in the pregnancy. I'm not going to lie, we're heavily relying on entertainment at this point. Don't judge. My kids can go from wild and crazy to sitting down quietly in half a second when I hand them my iPad. In fact, they found my phone and are huddled around it right now watching Ryan's Toy Review (insert eye roll...).  But I don't care! I'm finishing my coffee and this while they rot their brains watching a rich 5 year old give his opinions on the latest toys... seems fair. Anyway, with less energy to clean I can spend some more time sitting on the living room floor with the boys playing or reading. I need to just deal with a little bit of mess around the house for a while.

Little Missy's nursery still isn't quite finished. I just need to hang the wall decor and make some sort of headband holder for her growing collection. I did, however, manage to get pretty much everything washed and ready to go. The rock n play and swing covers are washed, my Boba wrap is clean, and the car seat is all adjusted and ready to go! Speaking of car seat... my mother-in-law has been on a roll with sewing and has made so much for baby girl. The bedding set and quilt were done by her along with a bunch of headbands and leggings. Oh, and a matching roman shade for the nursery, too! Well, she begged me to let her rip apart the car seat cover to make it girlier. I was skeptical, and told her the brown was fine, but she wanted to tackle it! I'm so glad she did... how cute is this?!

She basically took the old cover and ripped off the top layer to put new fabric on it. It's still the same cover and padding so there are no safety issues to worry about. The picture makes it hard to tell, but the gray fabric has metallic little hearts on it and I love them! It took me a ridiculously long time to pick out fabric from JoAnn's (especially since I was trying to coordinate with my gorgeous Copper Pearl multi-use cover!) but I'm so happy with how it turned out. She did such a great job!

So we're pretty much ready! I still have to sterilize pacifiers, bottles, and pump parts but I have time. She'll be here before I know it, right? Maybe... time does seem to drag during the last few weeks.

I still can't believe I'm going to have a daughter! Three weeks, baby girl! Momma's waiting for you.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Four Weeks Left

Can that be right? Four weeks? That doesn't seem very long at all. Weeks seem to be flying by at this point.

I have a bunch of things that need to be finished up, yet my energy is waning. It seems like doing one load of laundry and keeping the boys fed is a full day's work.

My sister likes to remind me, though, that all you need is diapers and your boobs for a while. I suppose she's right. We all get caught up in making the nursery perfect and hanging decor and buying the cutest outfits...but let's be honest, most of it is unnecessary.  And baby girl won't care one bit.

But I have to fill my time while I wait for her! 😉

This was last night's project:

My mother-in-law and I spent a few hours last night with a vinyl cutter and some gorgeous glitter heat transfer vinyl. I love the outcome! The pictures don't do the glitter justice... they are soooo sparkly. Except for the big brother shirts, no glitter there.  In the first picture you can see a sneak peek of the crib bedding!

We still need to finish another onesie or two and her hospital hat. Gotta have stuff personalized!

Things are coming together. The house looks like a hurricane came through, but darn it, her nursery is looking great! I can only do so much. I suppose I should focus on throwing away some toys getting my house clean with my remaining energy. But for now, it's snack time for the boys and time to take the little monsters outside to burn some energy. They are driving me bonkers!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Gettin' Real!

I just went back and read my last post and I cannot believe how much has changed in just under 3 weeks.

I mean, here we are at 35 weeks tomorrow! I now have the date and time our daughter will be born, I now have pictures of her, and I even have two painted rooms. Heck, her nursery is almost finished! So lots to update you on.

Let's start with her pictures! We went a couple weeks back and had an elective 3D/4D ultrasound done so we could see baby girls precious face a little early. We ooo'd and ahh'd at her for a solid 30 minutes and it was wonderful! We got to see her practice her breathing, stick her tongue out, and even yawn! We brought along my mom and mother-in-law, and two of our sisters. We are so blessed to have family that is so excited with us. This is far from the first grandchild on either side and yet they all are so thrilled and happy about her coming. So anyway, here are a few of the pictures!

That last one isn't a good shot of her face, but her hand cracks me up. She's either irritated with the tech poking around in her space or she was greeting us with the "live long and prosper" sign. 

While we were watching, pretty much all of the family agreed that she looks just like Maverick. Out of all three boys, he's got the "prettiest" features if that makes sense. Long eye lashes, big blue eyes, a sweet little face. I mean, all my boys are handsome, I'm digging myself a hole here. Anyway, I think she's gonna be a beauty! It was awesome to get a little preview of her face. *Side note: the ultrasound tech said her nose won't really be that big, all the babies look like they have huge noses on these scans. It was reassuring. *Another side note: we made her check, it's still a girl! I think I actually believe it's true now!

Alright, moving on. We painted the boys room a few weeks ago and got them all moved in together. I was so worried about how that would go, but honestly, it's been a breeze! They mostly stay in their beds and sleep just fine. Mav has been getting up super early again but that's pretty normal for him. I wish he would let Tuck sleep in but, of course, he wakes up and goes directly to his bro's bed to wake him up. Tuck doesn't love it. Tuck likes his sleep.  Tuck takes long naps to make up for it. 

Speaking of naps, I snapped this picture today. Mav woke up about an hour and a half into his nap and crawled into bed with Tucker. I figured he would wake him up, but instead, he passed out next to him. It was precious! 

How stinkin' cute are they?! They are trouble, sooooo much trouble, but they do stuff like this and I just melt. I love my boys!

We also painted the nursery! Ok, well I painted the nursery. My husband hates painting and avoids it like the plague. I don't mind it. It only took me a few hours (the wall paint, that is. The trim took foreverrrr) and I was mostly happy with it. It seems to have some bluer undertones that I don't love, but I'm wondering if that was just because I painted over green paint. I don't know. It's ok. Now that I have the crib and bedding all set up, it's all coming together. I hang some stuff on the walls and make some sort of headband/bow holder, but we're getting there. I'll be sure to post pictures when it's all done. 

As far as the pregnancy goes, not much has changed. It finally decided to get warmer here so my feet and ankles have swelled up a bit. She still moves like crazy and is flopping around in there as I type. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and all is well. We got our surgery time and all the paperwork for that. The doc was trying to get me to sign a tubal consent form "just in case" I decided I want one but Jeremy was there and neither of us wanted to go that route. It's not the kind of decision to make when you are only "pretty sure" you are done having kids. It was crazy to be handed paperwork with dates and times... this is really happening! 

I'm so ready for her. Up until this point I've been pretty nervous, knowing that this will be a real challenge for me with four kids. But I've embraced it now... goodbye sleep, goodbye sanity! I want my baby girl in my arms! 

5 more weeks!