Tuesday, July 19, 2016

11 Months

Where has the time gone? My twins will be one in less than a month! This summer is flying by.

We just celebrated Easton's 3rd birthday and now my mind is on the twins big one year bash! or maybe small bash? I'm not sure yet. I could go all pinterest-y on it and make cutesy decorations and have an adorable theme with coordinating snacks and cupcakes. Orrrrrr, I could invite the family over, have some food, and not overdo it since they will not remember it anyway. Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, they are 11 months now. They are walking, sleeping through the night, babbling, eating everything they get their hands on, getting into trouble, making messes, and ultimately keeping me very, very busy.

But oh man, the joy they bring far outweighs the trouble they get into! They clap and dance, they do "so big", they play so well, they goof off and blow raspberries, they show affection, they are so much fun.

Maverick is by far, the biggest trouble maker of the 3. Yeah, that's right, he is worse than the 3 year old. He knows the word "no" but pretends like he doesnt. He has figured out that he can wait until I'm not looking to do something he knows he shouldn't. He's a smart little fart! He's SO loud and goofy, and likes things his way. I took his ice cream cone away from him the other day and he 'bout had a meltdown! (Ice cream is his favorite!). He LOVES playing with Easton and any big kid, he thinks he's one of them. He eats anything in front of him. I'm a big Friends fan, so I picture him like Joey trying Rachel's messed up trifle. "Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat, good!" Except in Mav's world it's "Dried playdough? Good. Crumbs on the floor? Good. Last night's dinner left in the high chair? Good!" I swear I'm a good mom. I vacuum and watch them but he always finds something. Moving on... Maverick walks so well now. He can toddle around the back yard with shoes on pretty well now so I'm just starting to attempt taking all 3 outside by myself. I took them out last night... Easton plays with toys, Tucker is pushing around the tricycle, and then there's Maverick... throwing handfuls of mulch, pulling out flowers, and trying to climb up the stairs when I'm not looking. Such a little handful! He proves every day that his name was the right choice. I love it though. He's such a fun little stinker!

Tucker is still my sweetheart. He snuggles any girl willing to hold him, and he loves to give me kisses. Last week I caught him hugging Maverick over and over. It was the sweetest moment!!! He has all of the sudden turned into a huge goofball and loves an audience. He plays well and usually hangs out with me while the other two go find trouble. He gets jealous when Mav gets to nurse. It doesn't matter if I fed him 2 minutes ago, if Mav gets a turn, Tuck has to get another turn. He's more hesitant with new foods than Maverick is. He will eat most anything but has to examine it first. He  is getting much better at walking, but he's all about the climbing lately. Today I walked into the bathroom and he was standing on the toilet! (again, I swear I watch them! They just go in opposite directions all day long) He's a solid boy, and really has shot up passed Maverick. At their 9 month appointment their heights and weights were the closest they had ever been but I think Tuck his a growth spurt soon after. I call him my little linebacker!

Oh, did I mention they were sleeping through the night? Mommy got tough and finally stopped nursing them when they would wake in the middle of the night, and what do you know?! They stopped waking up! It's been a long 11 months with usually 2 wake ups per kid, but this week they have been sleeping like 11 hours straight. They are still taking two naps a day, too, which is nice! Easton still takes an afternoon nap too, I'm holding on to that as long as I can!

I let them try cows milk this week just to see how weaning will go. They loved it! I plan to start when they turn one. Yes, I know there are awesome benefits to nursing and all, but nursing twins is a lot of work. I am proud of myself for making it this far, and I might continue to nurse in the morning and night for a while after their birthday, but momma needs some space! I wish I could count up the hours I spent nursing them the past 11 months. Let's just say it's a LOT. I'm ready to go out of the house for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Heck, I want a weekend away to celebrate making it a year with twins!

Nap time's over. Gotta go! I'll leave you with a couple pics from this month.

Tucker on left, Maverick on right