Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I think parents overuse the word officially. You go on Facebook sometimes and it seems like everybody's kid is "officially" doing something. "My kid is officially walking!" Or "My kid is officially eating solid foods." Or "My kid is officially picking his nose." I mean, it gets out of hand. Buuuuuuut, at the same time, I love to look back and remember at what age my kids do what, and if that means posting it on social media so that I can remember, so be it.

With that said, the twins are OFFICALLY crawling, and OFFICIALLY pulling up to a stand. Mav has been crawling for a month I think, but Tuck finally figured it out last week. It was like he knew all along how to do it, he just finally realized that it was time. He had it perfected immediately, no army crawling or awkward leg drag. The standing is also new as of two weeks ago or so. They both started pulling themselves up around the same time, which is a first. They hardly ever do anything at the same time to prove that they are two completely different boys. Mom, we're twins, but were fraternal. What was I saying? Oh yeah, standing. They do it constantly, and they fall constantly. They need helmets. And I think I need to change my guesses on when they will walk. I originally said 9 months for Mav, and 11 months for Tuck, but they are proving to be motivated little stinkers.  I'm so proud of them but my life just got a little bit busier!

I'll leave you with a picture from Easter... It is impossible to get a picture with all 3 looking or smiling, and I'm no good with photoshop, so don't judge me.

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