Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

Well, today is my last day of being a mother to three, my last day as just a boy mom! Everything is ready, we just need her!

I cannot wait to see her face. I want to know if she'll be dark haired or blonde, or if she has Mom's features or Dad's. Will she look like any of her brothers? How much will she weigh? I am thinking she'll be a peanut, less than 8 pounds. Will she have a birthmark? Will she recognize her Momma when she's laid on my chest?

There are worrisome things, too. Will the guy poking my spine be good at his job? Will there be any complications with the surgery? Blood loss?  Will she cry right away? Will she latch okay and gain weight? My mind is spinning today with questions!

But I have family, friends, church family covering me in prayers. I have support, encouragement, and a hand to hold from my husband. I have a big, big God who has a plan for my life. I will rest in that today and tomorrow until all these questions will be answered.

I'm ready for her.

Momma can't wait to meet you, baby girl! Let's do this!

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