Thursday, January 26, 2017

Morning Chaos

Just for fun, I'll give you a nice little breakdown of the past hour at the Hill house.

9:50am- Hubby leaves the house, kids sense that they have me very outnumbered.
10:00am- I shut the TV off and tell the kids to go play! We have so many toys and fun stuff to do!
10:05am- I go into the bathroom to clean it, closing the door behind me so that no little people come in and try to play in the toilet.
10:15am- I come out feeling so accomplished! The bathroom looks great, we're off to a good start for the day!
(here's where it gets fun)
10:16am- I walk into the living room to find the twins playing in a pile of garlic powder on my carpet. Yes, an entire bottle of garlic powder.
10:17am- I assess the situation, take a picture, yell, reprimand them, discover the layer of garlic powder on Easton's scalp, channel my inner Ross Geller and ask WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?!?, get the vacuum out, start vacuuming.
10:20am-  Bring all three into the bathroom and put Easton in the shower and scrub his head.
10:21am- Watch Maverick and Tucker destroy the bathroom I just cleaned... let's do it all again!
10:30am- Sit down to computer to type this all out.
10:35am- Hear Mavy dump a bag of Veggie Straws on the kitchen floor, decide to just roll with it.
10:40am- Slow computer crashes, blue screen and all. I decide to give up on today. I try and calculate how much caffeine I've had today and how much more I can have before it makes me a bad pregnant mom.

Which brings me to now...

10:50am- Make plans for the rest of the morning: find chocolate, put kids down for nap time early, light a candle to help my house not smell like we're trying to ward off vampires, finish the bag of Cheetos I started yesterday, turn on Netflix and neglect my responsibilities. We'll try again tomorrow.

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  1. OMG - I can't stop laughing!!! You are an amazing Mom. I love how you take life's daily adventures in stride.