Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dear Baby Girl...

First of all, I'm no poet. I'm just the type of person that prefers reading my kids books that rhyme. They are just more fun! So anyway, this past week while I've been giddy thinking about finally having a daughter, I thought up bits and pieces of a poem for her. It's nothing amazing, but fun to write and something to remember my thoughts from this week.

When dreaming of my family,
I always pictured boys!
But when I found out about you
Oh sweetie, I jumped for joy!

Your three older brothers
Have been my whole world
But something inside me realized
I wanted to have a little girl.

It scares me just a little,
There are things that I'm not good at
My makeup is never perfect
And contouring? Just forget it!

My hair is never up to par
Nor my style with the trends
But I can assure you, darling
My love for you will never end.

And wherever I am lacking,
Just remember how blessed you are
To have seven awesome Aunts
And two Grandmas who don't live far!

But sweetheart, don't you worry
There are some things I'm good for
They may not always be trendy
But you may like them even more.

I'm an expert boo-boo kisser
And know how to keep monsters away
I know almost every Disney song
And I'll let you play dress-up all day!

If you want to learn a song
On Grandma's big piano,
You may have to sing the tune for me
But there's not a note I don't know!

I'll try to learn to French Braid
By the time you come
But if I can't, my princess,
We can rock a messy bun.

If you ever want to learn
To cook or even bake
I may not be a master chef
But I know some recipes we can make!

And if you want a dance party
My moves are definitely lacking
But for you I'll dance like a fool
I know I can get you laughing!

We can go shopping often
And get a break from your bros
I'll teach you how to get great deals
On all of your new clothes.

There's some other stuff as well
That I'll be sure to share
Lessons that will stay with you
When you see that life's not fair.

I'll teach you how to be strong
And to know wrong from right
I'll teach you to have confidence
And to walk by faith, not sight.

I'll teach you to be caring
Honest, kind, and smart
To stand up for your beliefs
And to have a great, big heart!

Most importantly, my daughter
I will teach you of your King
Who came to save us all
And loves you more than anything.

I'm bound to mess things up
And I'll fail all along
But sweetie, I will try my best
For you, to be a great Mom.

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  1. That's beautiful Hannah!!!! ����������