Friday, April 17, 2015

Baby Names!

I bet you were hoping that we would reveal the baby names today. Sorry, not yet!

Ok, so before you get mad at my ploy to make you click on my blog, picking out baby names for two babies is very hard. Especially when you are indecisive like me and my indecisivity (yeah, it's a word...) multiplies when I'm pregnant. Oh duh, indecisiveness... there is a word for that. Oh well, I like mine better. Moving on... here's my short list of must-haves for baby names:

  • Both names have to sound good with Hill 
  • Both names have to sound good together, but not too matchy-matchy
  • The names have to be as awesome as Easton
  • The names can't have ridiculous spelling in an effort to be trendy or whatever
  • They can't be hard to pronounce
  • They can't be in the top ten names of the year, or the top ten hipster names of the year.
  • My family and my in-laws can't have any reasonable objections to the names... I'm a people pleaser, I can't help it.
  • and the HARDEST ONE: Jeremy has to agree. 
I love him to death but him and I hardly ever agree on names. When we found out Easton was a boy, we decided on Easton that same day. With the twins, it has been months of vetos, rolling eyes, and "no-freakin'-way!"s. Every time I bring it up, he changes the subject. Every time he gives me a name, I laugh at him. Also, he picks on my for my flaky-ness but he's just as bad. I could have begged and begged to use a certain name but he'll say no until someone else brings it up a month later. Then all of the sudden he loves it. One word: flaky. 

So long story short, after 69 days of knowing their gender, we have kind of decided on first names! 

BUUUTTTT, in an effort to keep you interested/annoyed for a while, we're going to hold off on revealing them. However, the polls on the right side of the blog (if you're using the web version) may possibly contain those names. I'm curious to see your opinions, though, so please vote! Polls are open all weekend and I may or may not post the actual names on Monday. We'll see :)

Happy Friday!

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