Monday, May 22, 2017

31 Weeks

I got out my laptop this morning around 8:30 fully intent on writing an inspired blog post. Apparently, I got distracted. Can't imagine why... house full of kids and dirty laundry and a trail of soggy cheerios across the dining room floor. But anyway, I'm making a comeback now and maybe I will get it finished before I pass out from another day of being Mom.

These recent days of being Mom have been a little rough. I'm slowing down a bit and my preggo brain is making it impossible to focus on one task at a time. My poor son has to ask me for something like 6 times before I actually remember to get it for him. So if my kids are slightly dehydrated, it wasn't on purpose, I just can't seem to follow through on getting a cup of water for them (ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic but you get my point, right?). I'm also trying to fit in little projects here and there  making it even more difficult to focus. I started painting the trim in the nursery and so far have spent three kids-napping sessions in there. I need about two more, and until then the paint and brushes are still going to sit on my bathroom counter. But hey, progress, right!?

I did have my sprinkle last weekend and it was wonderful! I was so blessed and still can't believe I was opening presents that were pink! I want to post pictures, but we had baby girl's name plastered all over so I'm going to leave them out for now. Just know that it was a wonderful time and it made me feel like this is really real now! Now I'm even more anxious to get the nursery set up.

On the list of projects for that (besides painting) is some sort of headband/bow holder, some DIY canvas art, and painting the letter for above the crib. My sister is letting me borrow a gorgeous re-purposed white chandelier for the room too. I was nervous to put it above her crib so I decided I can put it above the rocking chair. It has a dimmer and everything. Oooo, and I have a star nightlight to put in there too. So many precious things... it's no wonder I'm excited to get it all set up!

In other news, my kids have been especially fun these past two weeks or so. I don't know if it's my lack of patience/energy or that they are just little stinkers. But they know just went to be super cute and give mom an unsolicited kiss to make me forget how much they are driving me crazy. For instance, the other night I asked Easton to take the twin's shoes off after we got home late one night. I started getting everything ready for bedtime and he did so good getting both shoes and socks off. He wanted to keep helping since Dad wasn't home for the bedtime routine. We got the boys in the bedroom and he wanted to change a diaper (he's done it once or twice with a lot of help). He was being so sweet, so of course I let him. He did great and barely needed help, then asked what else he could do to help. He helped me find two binkys and I told him to say goodnight to the boys. So what does he do? Goes up to Tucker, wraps his arms around him, kisses him on the forehead, and says "Goodnight Tucker!" and then does the same to Maverick. It was so sweet and genuine and adorable I almost cried. With all the fighting they do, it was so nice to see that he really does love his brothers! And it was just like he knew he was man of the house that night and had to fill in for Dad. Since then he's been asking to help a lot and I just love it!

Tucker, I think, can sense that things are changing. He has been so attached to me, which is sweet, but he's a big boy and my lap is getting smaller every day.  Maverick is just doing his best to make sure I'm still getting in exercise every day. He's into everything and has been getting up earlier and earlier every day. The new thing is they both wake up (usually before 6:30) and get out of their cribs. Then the go turn the sound machine off and see what they can get into in their room before I wake up. Silly me thought a darker curtain in their room would make them sleep in later! Ha. They are lucky they are cute at 6am! Usually, I drag myself into the living room and turn on cartoons so I can wake up slowly while they watch Blaze or Paw Patrol. They always fight over who gets to snuggle with Mom first thing in the morning. I don't mind. That reminds me of another sweet moment this week. The kids were watching a movie right before nap time (Monsters Inc, a current favorite). I came in and sat down after cleaning up lunch and both of the twins came and sat on my lap. I don't think we sat there for a whole five minutes before I they both passed out right on me. This is the kind of stuff that makes it all worth it.  It brought me back to the many days when I had two tiny sleeping babies snuggled up on me. Sweet memories, sweet boys.

Alright, before I go, quick update on baby girl.  I had an appointment last week and everything went really well, thank you Jesus! She seems to be doing great and my body is doing its job. The doc hasn't said anything, but I've noticed my weight continue to go up. I think I'm at about 30 pounds now, which honestly, is normal for me. With Easton I gained about 50 and lost like 40 of that in the first few weeks after birth. Same thing with the twins. I'm not really worried, I'll get it back off again... just stings to step on that scale every two weeks. The important thing is that baby and I are healthy. So far everything is going perfect. I am so grateful for that.

I just made an appointment with an elective ultrasound place near me for Saturday. It's just for fun and totally unnecessary, but we will have some 3D pictures of her sweet face (assuming she cooperates). I'm so excited to get a glimpse of her! I will be sure to share pictures next time I write.

57 days!  💜

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  1. I really love reading your posts!!! Such an amazing record of your lives!😊