Saturday, July 18, 2015

Countdown is On...25 Days!

We're at 36 weeks, 3 days today. That's only 25 days from my due date... holy cow!! I can't believe we're finally at this point.

Not a whole lot of updates from the last appointment. Babies heart rates were good, all my vitals looked good.  My doctor is so happy I've made it this far!

He's really on board with my VBAC, he's willing to let me go a really long time before trying anything to induce. From what it sounds like, he is planning on letting me get to 39 weeks, even a few days past that, in an effort to let me go into labor on my own and avoid induction. So different from what I heard from my original OB: "Oh, you're having twins? We'll do a c-section at 38 weeks." Uhhhh... do I get a say in this? I am still so grateful to be seeing the specialist that I am. He is wonderful. I'm just praying that the presenting baby keeps his head down! I've been having so much pressure in my pelvis, it's got to be a head! I haven't had an ultrasound in like 3 weeks so I just worry.

Next week I won't have an appointment, my doctor will be out of town. In fact, it is the worst possible week to have my babies so I probably will go into labor. My doctor and his wife (another doctor at that hospital) are out of town, my doula will be out of town part of the week, and my Grandma is headed into major surgery. Keeping my fingers and legs crossed that I make it past next week. At this point, it doesn't look like a problem though. I haven't had any contractions (except for the occasional "was that one?" pain).

Oh, one last update from my doctors appointment: I didn't gain ONE single pound the last 10 days!!!! It's a miracle! I've heard that's a sign that you're ready to go into labor. That, and the fact that I just got a cold. Maybe, just maybe, I won't be pregnant until week 48 (my doctor assured me he wouldn't let that happen... something about losing his license or whatever).

In other news, I am thoroughly enjoying maternity leave. I've been busy, but I still manage to get a nice nap most days. And most importantly, I have gotten to enjoy sooooo much time with big brother Easton. He's ridiculously clingy right now and I'm loving it. Plus, it gives me an excuse to ignore the laundry pile.

Ok, I gotta get back to my coffee and an exciting episode of Bubble Guppies. Happy... wait, what day is it?... Saturday!

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