Thursday, July 9, 2015

35 Weeks

Just a quick update on my pregnancy... I'm up to 35 weeks as of yesterday!! For twins, that is really great. Hopefully by next week the twins will be at a point where they wouldn't need any NICU time if they were born then. Even at this week, they are pretty close to ready to live outside my uterus. And let me tell you... I am very ready for them to live outside my uterus.

I've given this pregnancy the title of the most physically challenging thing I've ever done. College basketball practice every night for 2 hours from September through February has nothing on this pregnancy. I am exhausted all the time and I hardly do anything. I have lots of aches and pains that just won't let up. When the babies move, it hurts. When I stand up, my sciatic nerve gets angry. I sleep with a heated rice bag on my butt or knees or ankles (depending on the night), a pillow between my legs, and my arms in a funky position so that my hands don't go numb (which they always do anyway). I'm still getting some sleep though, so I can't complain too much.

In fact, I can't complain at all. So many twin moms are faced with preterm labor, bed rest, gestational diabetes, and all sorts of other problems. My pregnancy has been boring. My doctor appointments are so quick it's not even worth the copay. It's such a blessing, though! My babies are growing steadily and at the same pace ( 4lbs 10 oz, and 4 lbs 12 oz as of last Tuesday). And at this point, the doc is willing to let my body and babies decide when it's time to come out, which is wonderful! I'm not going to lie, I'm dying to have that "Oh my gosh, it's time!" moment.

The babies should be around 5 pounds each this week, and around 18 inches long. I can't wrap my mind around how much baby is in there right now... 10+ pounds and 36+ inches?! I've had soooo many people tell me that I don't even look like I'm having twins. They must be all snuggled up in there. There's still time for my belly to get to that grossly huge point, though! I could have 4 more weeks!

Oh, last thing... as of this past Tuesday, I am officially on maternity leave! I have celebrated each day this week with 2 hour naps while my son takes his. It's amazing. I'm trying to get all the sleep in that I can before those babies get here!

Which hopefully, will be soon!!! If we're being official, there's 34 days until my due date, but it will be less than that.

Here's to spontaneous labor at week 38! Momma is ready to meet you, my boys!

My family on the 4th of July!


  1. Bring on the babies!!!! You look great Hannah😊

  2. Glad I founs this blog. My name is Hannah as well and having twin boys as well. Cant wait to read your brith story!