Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ten Things About Me

Ok, so I follow this blog called the Bower Power Blog. It's written by a lady with 3 boys and one on the way. We have very similar views on life, Jesus, parenting, and how awesome sons are. She does crafty DIY stuff and I drool over her creativity and big house in Georgia. (I don't know what it is about bloggers, but they all have gorgeous, big houses... either they make a crap ton on AdSense or I'm missing something!)

Anyway.... she posted a blog today entitled Ten Things About Me. She said we (the creepy readers who check her site almost every day hoping she posted something) could do it too. So here's mine, in no particular order:

1.  My name is Hannah. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and spent 4 years doing the long-distance thing while I went to college in Philly. We will celebrate 5 years of wedded bliss next week. We have one adorable son who is almost 2, and twin boys on the way!
When Jeremy proposed to me during the Steelers/Cardinals Superbowl game in 2009.

Easton over Memorial Day Weekend, eating ice cream with 'Merica sprinkles
2. While we're talking about ice cream, we'll head there next. Ice cream is my favorite. Cookie dough is the way to go. I could eat it every night. Perry's is the best, I'm too much of an ice cream snob to eat Aldi brand.

3. Jeremy and I love to hunt. I'm a beginner (code word for haven't-actually-killed-a-deer-yet), although I brag to him that I had a hunting license way before he did. He didn't get countrified until we started dating. We especially love bowhunting, and I have the most beautiful pink-accented bow. I only seem to get to hunt every other year, because the idea of pumping breast milk in a tree stand just sounds way too complicated. With the twins coming soon, I'm assuming I'll sit out another hunting season.
Jer and I headed out to go hunting in 2012.
4. I'm cheap. I have to find the best possible deal on everything. I can sit in the body wash aisle for 20 minutes trying to get a perfect product: smells great, moisturizes well, and is the cheapest per ounce possible. I LOVE when I find an article on the internet that shows the best toilet paper based on price, softness, and strength. (in case you were wondering, that toilet paper is White Cloud Ultra, only available at walmart.)
Yeah, I know I'm a loser. It's a problem. I get way too excited when I find a double pack of contact solution that not only has 33% more for free, but is on sale AND I have a $4 off coupon. It's like winning the lottery for me.

5. I love lists. And Excel spreadsheets. And making lists in Excel. I don't know why, it's just fun for me. I currently have an Excel spreadsheet on my fridge with a list of things that need to get done before the babies get here. I get a lot of joy out of crossing items off that list.

6. I have 5 sisters. We are some of the most sarcastic people you'll ever meet.  We've been known to make people cry using only our words. Sticks and stones are the least of your worries. We have good hearts, though, we'd probably do anything for you and for each other. (Think of a sour patch kid. First we're sour, then we're sweet!)

7. I love being a mom. The idea of having 3 little boys in my house excites me more than it stresses me out.  And I don't think we're done. My one Aunt has 12 kids, another Aunt has 6, and my parents have 6. Big families are AWESOME. Although, we'll stop before we hit Duggar level. I just think being a mom is the most important and rewarding job out there. And little boys are just the sweetest. After growing up with 5 sisters I'd be totally fine with a bunch of boys. So far I'm getting my wish!

8. My husband and I are almost always in the middle of watching a season of Friends or How I Met Your Mother. We bought the whole series of Friends after we got married and I think we've watched the whole thing at least 5 times since then. HIMYM is relatively new to us, we're on our second time through it right now.  

Not the most wholesome of shows, I know. But I guess at 10pm, we don't want to have to watch a real intricate story line on some deep show. We like to laugh and then go to bed. There's enough crap in the world, I don't want to spend my evenings watching the shows where cops try and figure out why some crazy person killed 17 people and cut off their left pinky toes.

We did go through a House phase, but that didn't last too long. We also watched a bunch of Big Bang Theory, but it's not on Netflix and I'm not re-watching the same 5 episodes that play on TBS.

9.  Ever since we bought our house in 2012, I've had an interest in gardening. I had to start a garden from scratch and it's been so fun. Last spring, I dug up a bunch of my mother and grandma's perennials and planted them. Not many of them actually bloomed last summer, so this spring has been very interesting. I love seeing what pops up! I honestly know nothing about gardening, I kind of  just plop something in the ground and see what happens. I must have awesome soil because it is turning out wonderfully!

10. Since I mentioned gardening, we'll round out the list with the thing that I loathe most: ANTS. Our soil is sandy, so my entire yard is pretty much a giant ant hill. I have the little pavement/sweet ants, fire ants, odorous ants, and carpenter ants. I've researched them all and can point out which is which and how to murder them. When they come into my house I take it personally. If I see a spider, fine. I kill it and move on with my life. A fly? Who cares. It'll die soon. But if there's an ant in my house, that means there are a 100,000 more of them where that one came from. Nothing can piss me off more than seeing multiple ants in my house. Especially the carpenter ants. Those big, juicy ones don't go down easy. They can travel up to 100 yards from their nest looking for food. I think the dead tree they live in is in my neighbors yard. It takes all the self control I have to not burn the tree down when he's not home. It's a never ending battle in the spring/summer. Ok, I better wrap this up before I get carried away talking about those little black demons.

So there's my 10 things! Interesting, right? Yeah, not so much. But it was fun for me :)

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