Friday, June 5, 2015


I'm a number person. I've mentioned before how I usually have some sort of number in my head, counting down to something or up to something.

Today the magic number is 5. Five years ago today, I married my best friend, my high school sweetheart, my "bae" (which I am told is not "babe" without the second B. I still don't remember what it means. I'm so old).

We were just kids! Jer was 20, I was 21 and people always felt the need to comment about our age. "You're too young to get married!" we'd constantly hear. Looks like we're doing just fine, thank you very much. I wouldn't change a thing about our life!

Ten is a number with significance as well. 2005 was the year Jer and I met, a whole 10 years ago. We we're both in high school. I wish I could go back and tell 17 year old me that the goofy kid I had a crush on would be my hubby and the father of my 3 kids in 10 years. The kid that wouldn't stop talking about lacrosse. The kid I spent Friday nights with, renting a movie with his parents and cuddling on the couch (with my sister nearby... my parent's always sent the 3rd wheel to keep an eye on us).  The kid who didn't even have a cell phone when we met... I'm pretty sure we both still had dial-up internet, too... so much has changed in 10 years!

And now look at us... we have 5 years of marriage under our belts. The silly fights, the highs and lows, the "we're broke"s and the "we're blessed!"s. We've already shared some huge moments. We bought our first home. We found out I was pregnant! We became parents to the best little boy in the world. We found out we we're having TWINS! And in a matter of weeks we'll be a family of 5.

That's another number that is mind-blowing to me. Family of 5?! We have already surpassed the American standard of 2.5ish kids per family. We won't be able to fit in a standard restaurant booth. A family 4-pack of anything won't be enough! We will be outnumbered by our kids. As my cousin put it when his third child was born, we'll be moving from man-to-man to zone defense! It's crazy. We wanted a big family but I didn't expect I'd have so many so quickly!

I can honestly say there's no one in the world I'd swap places with right now. My hubby and my 3 boys are all I've ever wanted. Sure, I'd love a house bigger than 1100 square feet.  I'd like a bigger yard and maybe a pool. It would be awesome to have enough money put away to never have to worry. But there are no material things that could make me as happy as my God, my husband, and my kiddos do. My life isn't perfect, but I'm so very blessed I'd be a fool to focus on the imperfect parts.

Before I get too mushy, I'll get back to the numbers. The next number on my list is 68. Since this blog really is about my kids, I have to include the countdown to the twins' arrival! Sixty-eight days until I hit 40 weeks. I'm praying I don't make it quite that far, but for countdown purposes, 68 days until I meet my boys! Four days until my next ultrasound when I'll get to see them and talk to the specialist about delivery!!! Four weeks until I'm probably off of work, at least that's my hope. My OB tossed around the 34 week number and I'm running with it.

But today is about the number 5. Tonight, I'm going to go out to dinner and enjoy a juicy steak, maybe some cheese fries, and some time with just my husband. Date night is rare for us, so it's always special when we get to go out childless for an evening. We have a lot to celebrate... our blessings far outnumber the cheese fries that I will consume tonight.

To my hubby, I love you! You are my other half. You're as funny as I am serious, as generous as I'm stingy, as optimistic as I am pessimistic. You keep me positive, I keep you realistic. You make me laugh when I'm grumpy. You make me feel pretty when I literally look like a whale. You make me feel attractive even when I admit that I just peed a little in my pants (I have a nasty cough right now, don't judge me, people!). You don't get mad when I say I'm too tired to make dinner. You are understanding, loving, handsome, hardworking, and your biceps are huge. Our sons will think that you are superman. I already know that you are. Happy Anniversary, babe!