Thursday, May 21, 2015

3 for 3!

Yesterday marked the beginning of my third trimester... FINALLY! I can't put into words how anxious I am to get those babies into my arms. I look back at pictures of the first day of Easton's life and I could just explode with excitement to do that day all over again. It's going to be painful and slightly terrifying to give birth to two babies, but all that will be worth it when my boys are in my arms!

Now that I'm at 28 weeks, my little men are the size of eggplants (says or tropical coconuts (says the Ovia Pregnancy App).  They are almost 2.5 pounds and almost 16 inches long (which is why I can get kicked in the hoo-ha and the ribs at the same time).  So that means that there are 30+ inches of baby in my poor, stretched uterus. Thank God babies like to curl up or my stomach would look super weird. I mean, I'm only 5'4" so the babies would be half my height if they were feet-to-feet in there.

Their main job between now and birth is just to keep gaining fat. even says that their lungs are mature enough that they would probably survive if born today. But we are hoping they stay in there for a little while longer. I'm aiming for 37-38 weeks, not that I have a say in the matter.

My birth preferences are all typed up, my meeting with the specialist about delivery is scheduled, and after next Friday my OB appointments start happening every two weeks! I still need to pack my hospital bag and diaper bag but I think I have a few more weeks to make that happen. The nursery is sooooo close to being done, but I have one or two more things to hang on the wall. I can't post pictures until it's all done! Ok, maybe just a quick pic of one or two of the details.

I'm still working full-time with no end in sight... ugh. I asked my doc when I can get out of work and
she pretty much said that she couldn't just "make something up" to get me out. It took major self control to not blow raspberries in her face like a 2 year old. I am blessed to have a physically easy job, I basically sit at a desk most of my 7 hour day. It's just hard to get home at 5pm and try to spend time with Easton while cooking or cleaning with my little energy. All I really want is to take a nap after work but I feel too guilty to miss time with my sweet, little boy. And that stupid laundry pile (yeah, not basket, PILE... don't judge me) just stares me down everyday reminding me I'm no longer superwoman!

The belly (and hands and feet) is growing well. I'm finding food stains on all of my shirts now because A. I can't sit close to the table, B. I eat constantly, and C. if food falls out of my mouth it will never reach the ground.

I've also found new uses for the belly. I can set a bottle of water or a bowl of ice cream on it, how convenient! To be honest, I'm scared to take a real belly pic. I don't have any full length mirrors at home so every time I am out somewhere and catch my reflection I have a mini panic attack. There's no way I'm THAT big, am I?! Oh Dear Lord, what will I look like in a month? It's terrifying to be looking full term already and knowing I could have almost 12 weeks left. My maternity shirts are getting too small already...

Oh well, I'm trying to savor the time I have left. I will most likely never carry two babies at the same time again so I might as well enjoy the last few months, as physically challenging as they may be. Plus, a small part of me is a little sad that the one-on-one time with Easton is almost over. Our sweet boy has been our world for almost two years and we have loved every minute of it. It's tough to think he'll have to take a backseat to his brothers for a little while. I know he'll be wonderful with them, though. It will be amazing watching him meet and love on his little bros.

I'm so stinking excited, I could babble forever. I am so very blessed!

As always, thanks for reading my thoughts!

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