Thursday, February 12, 2015

Welcoming Trimester 2!

As of yesterday, trimester one is over! It wasn't a bad trimester really... some nausea, a lot of tiredness, but so much excitement. From telling our families Christmas morning, to calling them all to say "TWO BABIES!!!! There's TWO BABIES in there!", there were many more wonderful moments than there were crappy ones.  Not to mention finding out that we were going to have two sons! It was a great trimester, but I'm on to the next. This one will entail more appointments, more ultrasounds, painting the nursery, registering for gifts (yes, I'm having a shower... I'm spoiled by my family. They are the best), and feeling those babies kick. It's so exciting. My belly is growing and I'm happily wearing stretchy pants all the time now. Here is the first few progression pics of the bump:

Honestly, it doesn't even look like much of a difference. But I know it is. Week 10 bump could be sucked in; week 14 bump cannot, and is starting to cover my toes already. It's so weird to be showing so soon, I didn't take my first bump picture until 19 weeks with Easton.  I guess with your second baby you pop earlier anyway, and to throw an extra kid in there it makes sense to have quite a bump. Either way, I love it! I'm not the type of girl to cry because she looks fatter with a belly. I'm fully embracing all aspects of pregnancy. I guess having a miscarriage makes you appreciate the things that come with pregnancy... nausea, YAY! Food aversion, great! Constipation, I'll take it! Going to bed at 8pm, wonderful! Does is suck sometimes? Sure. Is it worth it?  HECK YEAH!!!

On a completely different note, I have to at least once reference the name of my blog. This right here is why it's called Chats Over Cheerios:

This, folks, is my life. This precious baby boy eating his Cheerios makes my heart full. I can't possibly be mad that 3/4's of the bowl ends up in his lap. We have the best time having our chats over a bowl of Cheerios. <3 

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