Thursday, March 23, 2017

23 Weeks

So this week I went back and re-read most of my posts from my twin pregnancy and their first year. I had my first case of pregnancy heartburn, so I was curious when it started with the twins (every pregnancy I've had it hit somewhere between 20-30 weeks). It was so awesome to look back at all of it.  It was amazing that even at only a few months old we had noticed some personality traits of the twins that still show.  So I told myself I need to make sure I update this often. Even if no one else reads it, I can look back and go awwwwwwww anytime I want.

Anyway, here I am updating. I know a singleton pregnancy isn't as exciting as a twin pregnancy but its still worth writing down... and I am so grateful to not be doing the twin pregnancy thing again. Once was enough, thanks.

Today I hit 23 weeks pregnant.  Our (still nameless) baby girl is over a foot tall now an weighs more than a pound. I finally sucked it up and snapped an alright picture of my growing bump. I decided that if I waited until the day I had my hair done and makeup perfect to take a picture, baby girl would probably be about 6 years old. So, today's grocery-getting messy bun will have to do.

In case you're wondering, that expression is a mix between my kids have worn me down and I think I'm too old for selfies. But for documentation's sake, there it is. 

As far as symptoms go I'm feeling pretty good. Definitely don't have the energy I did at this time with my first pregnancy. I guess I assumed that I would be feeling like I was walking on sunshine since I was only carrying one baby this time. Turns out, pregnancy + three kids 3 and under will drain you pretty well. Like I mentioned before, I had some heartburn the other night (which I'm a huge baby about, I HATE it) and some restless legs at bed time. I think more water and less caffeine will ease that symptom, though. And the heartburn was in response to some buffalo chicken I had so I won't start up the Prilosec quite yet as it hasn't reared its head again. 

Other than that, I'm doing well. I think I've started swelling a bit (that or I really need to quit buying all the Easter candy) and I definitely do some huffing and puffing while bringing laundry up the stairs but I can handle that. 

We've been holding off on starting nursery prep because we only have a three bedroom house. Right now the twins share and Easton has his own room but we will eventually move Easton to the bigger room with the twins. Obviously, I'm expecting that to be a pain in the butt so we're going to hold off until a month or two before she arrives. Plus, I am trying to come up with some sort of "theme" I can incorporate in the boys room that won't be hard or expensive to pull off. My hearts just not in it right now so I haven't started planning it. I do have colors picked out for baby girl's nursery, though! We will reuse a lot of the gray and white chevron stuff from the twins room but add some pink and mint to the room.  Not sure how trendy it will be, but I will like it. 

I'm also working on some onesie designs for her! I have about a billion plain white onesies from the boys so my mother-in-law ordered some glitter vinyl to dress them up (she has a heat press and we both have vinyl cutters). The hardest part is finding a font I love. I have so many and it's still just not enough. First world problems, I guess. 

Well, that will have to do for now. I think the twins took the cover off of the heat vent again. These kids...

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