Thursday, May 26, 2016

9 Months!

The twins are 9 months old now! Well, they were 9 months like two weeks ago, but we just had their nine month appointment this week so I'm doing the update now (ok, the real reason is that as a stay at home mom, I literally have no concept of time).

Lots of new stuff this month! The boys are both growing and learning everyday and it's so fun to watch. One of my favorite developments of the month is dancing! They both "can't stop the feeeeeling" (but prefer the "Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo" song over Justin Timberlake). It's so stinkin' cute. Also new this month is a real strong clapping effort and some serious kisses. I'm quite confident Mav is saying "momma" but then again he jabbers all day long so I can't be sure.

The BIGGEST development, however, came about this past weekend. THEY ARE TAKING STEPS! Like actual walking. Maverick took one little step Friday night, then by Saturday morning it turned into two. He caught wind that it was fun and within an hour he had taken 10 steps at a time. I was so proud...I shrieked, I think I almost cried, it was magical. THEN... the very next day, Tuck, out of nowhere, just took two steps. Then three at a time, then four at a time. WOAH. They always seem to do things at such different paces but this feat they decided to do at the same time and I'm sooooo happy!!!

A lot of moms would sit here and say "slow down, babies!" but having two babies is very hard. And every new development and step in the growing process is a welcomed relief for me. A little bit more independence means a little less trying to console two jealous momma's boys. So go, go, go, boys! Go walk, go explore, go unravel the toilet paper if it means you are content and happy for a few more minutes while I try and load a dishwasher or something. I'm all for love and affection, but for goodness sake, I could use a little space every once in a while. Ya feel me, moms?

All right, where was I? Lets skip to their doctors appointment.

I will start with this... NEVER AGAIN will I go to the pediatrician with both babies and no help. Usually if my hubby is working, I grab a Grandma or one of the many Aunts to help me. This time I attempted to do it alone but I forgot how mobile they are right now. I got them undressed and then realized there was no place to put them while we waited for the doc. Either I had to hold them, put them back in their carseats, or let them play on the floor (ewwww). Unfortunately, they ended up on the floor. What was I supposed to do? Contain them and make them scream? Ugh. Oh well.

It went pretty well though... except for when Tuck flipped over the carseat and faceplanted in front of the doctor. Nice job, mom. They were a little nervous this time when they got weighed or the doc examined them. I hate that they are old enough to have fear. We knew Maverick was starting to catch up with Tuck so we were very curious about weights and height. They have been consistently about two pounds and an inch and a half apart. But we were right, my little Maverick is catching up! He now weighs 17 pounds, 12 ounces and was 23 inches long. He's jumped up in percentile too, going from 8% to 15% in 3 months. Tucker weighed an even 19 pounds and was 23 and 3/4 inches.  I'm glad to see they are getting closer in size. I didn't want Maverick to be a little shrimp, his brothers would pick on him for sure. Nothing much else to report from the appointment. They are healthy boys, praise God!

I won't bore you with much more. They are eating well, still nursing, and not sleeping through the night. I just don't even know anymore. I'm convinced they will never sleep through the night. Whatever, they win. Moving on... I just got out all the 12 month clothes for summer so that's exciting I guess. Mav can still fit into 3-6 month clothes but I'm so sick of looking at those clothes that I finally put them away. It's nice to finally put short sleeves and shorts on them!

That's about all. Here are a few of the latest pics. Now I'm going to go eat my toast that I put in the toaster before I started writing this and then forgot about. Who am I kidding, it's not toast... it's toaster strudels. They were on sale, don't judge.

And here's a few of Easton. I can't leave him out! My sweet boy is all about the sports lately. I LOVE it!

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  1. So cute! Love reading these updates. I have 5 month old twins, so it's nice to get a little preview of what's coming up in the next few months.