Monday, August 3, 2015

Pregnant Forever

It will be fun, they said. Twins come early, they said. You won't make it to your due date, they said. I'm calling bologna. 

In case you were wondering, yes, I am STILL pregnant. I am now 38 weeks, 5 days pregnant. I am literally 9 days from my due date, the one they told me I wouldn't make it to. APPARENTLY, when they told me twins come early, my body pulled a Barney Stinson and said, "Challenge accepted!"

Oh, and if you're thinking, "...but you must be getting close, probably having contractions all the time and you're probably already a few centimeters dilated" you are wrong.  Cervix is still closed and I haven't had any pain that I can surely say was a contraction. These babies have no interest in leaving their momma. 

I do have an end in sight, though. Next Monday, I will be induced if I have not gone into labor by then. The doctor is being really awesome and giving my body the most time to go into labor on my own, making my VBAC dreams still in reach. I really, really want to deliver naturally... which is the only reason I didn't strangle the doctor today and demand he get these babies outta me. Most docs won't even let twin moms get this far any more. Even if I have to be induced, I still can try to have them naturally, there are just some small risks that come with induction. 

Anyway, my boys will be here in 7 days, at the latest, and they will be in my arms finally! I had a non-stress test today and they are both doing wonderfully! I am very grateful for that. I'm so grateful for their health and my own health. I really have nothing to complain about. It has just been a long pregnancy... I'd like to sleep on my stomach again... I'd like to have my bladder capacity return to more than like 2 ounces of liquid... I'd like for my stretching belly to not itch like it's covered in poison ivy. Soon enough. 

I'm still holding out for the middle of the night "honey, it's time!" My family and I are praying that I will go into labor on my own this week. And if not, that will be fine too. These two little miracles will be worth the wait!

I will keep you all updated!