Friday, February 8, 2019

February Feelings

We're in the middle of one of those crazy weather weeks... blizzards, ice storms, wind storms and 60 degree days all in the same week. It's been interesting here.  We've also just made it through a few weeks of like non-stop sickness.  I'd like to personally thank the kindergartners in Easton's class for being sure to share every germ possible with him.  I even got hit hard this time, not sure where my usual rock solid immune system was. I ended up getting a stomach bug while on antibiotics for a whole separate issue. Then there was the water park disaster of 2019, where a puking kid shortened that trip. We barely even made it to the water park because of a bad band of lake effect snow that almost caused an accident.

But hey, this is par for the course, and I'm not going to spend too much time feeling sorry for myself. Stomach bugs are survivable, and we can try the water park again in a while. God is good and we have literally nothing to complain about!

So besides that we're all doing well. The kids are growing too fast as usual. Easton's 100th day of school is today! I'm not sure when that became a thing but he was excited. Also, since it's Friday he gets to take snack money to school so he was extra excited today. He guilted us into starting that, and last week he spent his whole dollar on an ice cream cookie sandwich. I couldn't even be mad, it was an excellent choice. Butttt, once a week is suffice for those kind of treats at school. He's still doing great there, reading like a champ. We're currently in the decision making process with the twins and trying to decide on pre-k. I always overthink everything so of course I've gone back and forth about a hundred times. Jer got a chance to observe a pre-k class and loved it and wants to send them. I just feel like my boys are still so young to send out into the world by themselves! It's literally like 3 hours a day, but I don't know... we didn't send Easton to pre-k. We are only considering it because they seem pretty bored and could use some constructive activities. But anyway.

Hadley... she changes so much I always feel like I want to write some of her little antics down. Right now, she is literally 70% absolute heart melting sweetness and 30% holy friggin sass, girl. Sometimes Jer and I just watch her and look at each other going oh my gosshhhhh she's perfect. And other times, we look at each other wide eyed saying did she really just tell me to "go away"? She says I love you and sings twinkle twinkle and "prays" with us at bedtime. Then she'll turn around and say "stooppp" when we are touching her face or something she doesn't want.  She screams at her brothers to "let gooooo" when she wants what they have and she screams "my mom!" at Jer when he tries to hug me. I'm not going to lie, I love her little attitude. At least it's cute right now.  Another adorrrrable thing she does right now is she has to high five or give "knucks" to everyone. She'll go right around the room hitting every one up for a "five!" as she says. I know, these things aren't as cute to everyone else, but we are absolutely smitten by her.

She's still pretty small and her 18 month check up was kind of frustrating. Her pediatrician wants me to get her to eat more but you know, you can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink, right? I offer her food all day long and she just nibbles. She still nurses, but not that often so I don't think it interferes with her food. The doc suggested I wean her but it didn't seem like he had a good reason. Not that I'm against weaning, I just literally don't know how with this one. She's wants what she wants, haha.

Life is a bit mundane right now in this cold winter, but that's ok. I'm trying to soak up the kids and not wish time away.  There are things all around that are wonderful, even though they are simple. Jer just had a good stretch of time off and sitting around having coffee watching the kiddos being crazy was pretty perfect. Well, Hadley is demanding some attention so I'm done here.  💚

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Happy 2019!

Another Christmas has come and gone so fast that I'm left spinning in a pile of new toys and clutter. It's a new year and I'm starting it off with a new mantra: minimalism. Not like crazy levels where I only own 3 shirts and 2 bowls. The kind where I'm going through every corner of my house and purging. Not saving for some yard sale I will never do, getting rid of it. Donating some, tossing others. I have been following a minimalist blogger for about a year now (Allie Casazza) and she said something the other day that made so much sense. In different words she basically said that the waste doesn't happen when you get rid of something, it happens when you buy something you don't need. So I'm trying to let go of things that I could potentially sell for a few bucks and saving my sanity (and safety... no creepy internet buyers coming to my house!). It's been a wonderful week and I can already feel less stressed!

I have a few other new years resolutions. The past few years have been survival mode, but I'm feeling like I actually can have some goals for a change. Reading more (especially the Bible), playing the piano more, spend less time on my phone, lose a few pounds, yell less at my kids, finally wean my daughter (yup, still nursing). We'll see how much of it actually happens, but it's nice to have a focus for the year.

Another big thing this year is working on my growing little business. My mother in law and I started a little side business selling signs and decor that has done pretty decent this last year. It was nice to have extra money coming in around the holidays, but we're at a point where we need a better plan and vision for our little business. I have a degree in business but motherhood has made me forget any former life... all my brain is filled with now is seemingly useless information... which kid likes his pb&j cut what way, which kid likes what cereal, which kid prefers the green bowl and which cup Hadley will drink the most out of... you know, that kind of stuff.  But I think a little research and some advice from friends and family who own their own businesses, I think we could go a little farther and really bring in some extra money.

So lots going on in my mind lately. And as always, a lot going on in my house as well. The boys  are as crazy as ever and my daughter is getting sassier by the day. They are all so sweet, though! All of them will randomly tell me the love me and I get more hugs than I can stand in a day. Tucker, especially, just loves to hang on me. Hadley, of course, is still nursing and still not sleeping great so I spend a lot of time with her. She's got some spice but oh man, what a sweetie lately. Her version of "love you" sounds more like "la oo" but it's the best thing ever. She knows it makes me melt.

Life is kind of wonderful right now. I really am loving being a stay at home mom. God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams and every day I try to be grateful for being able to stay at home. My hubby works his butt off for our family and I do my best to not take that for granted. I remember the point when I couldn't stay home with Easton and my heart just ached every day that I had to leave him. Even though the days get monotonous and I spend most of the day doing things that I will need to redo tomorrow, I am learning to find joy in it. I get to spend every day with the cutest little people ever in our snug little warm home, and I get to do it in leggings (praise the sweet Lord!).

Not sure where I was going with all of that, but anyway it's an update. Just so I don't ever forget the little details, I'll end with my favorite things about the kids right now:

Easton- he is turning into quite the little leader, even making Kindergartener of the month in his class in November! He is dad's little buddy, at his side any chance he can. He's still my best helper too, even though he's at school most of the day. He enjoys school, but says "it takes too long to come home" and that he misses me (awwwwww).  He's already talking about wanting to be 6, and then 7, and then 8 and I just want my little 3 year old Easton forever! But I love watching this kid grow. He's already starting to read and loves to learn. He asks a million questions and soaks it all in.

Maverick- well, he's still trouble. We're learning what works with him though. He responds much better to praise and will act better if he feels that we are happy with him. We also were gifted a punching bag for Christmas and it helps him get some of his crazy out, haha. He went with me to the grocery store the other day and it seemed like he was having the time of his life.  He definitely is better behaved with a little more one on one time. He loves power rangers and dinosaurs and is by far my best eater. He is his father in every way and it's hilarious to watch Jeremy interact with his little mini-me.

Tucker- this kid is build so athletically but would rather sing and snuggle than use his muscles. He is a total ham and likes to be goofy when everyone is watching. He plays well by himself and doesn't get as bored as his twin. He tells me he loves me probably 30 times a day. He still is a crazy boy though, jumping off the top bunk bed onto his brother's bed and climbing everything. He's always hungry but picky, so that's fun. Not ten minutes after finishing his cinnamon toast crunch, he's asking for a snack. My grocery bill will be insane when he and his brothers grow up a little more.

Hadley- this girl. She is my mini-me. Jer always used to call me a sour patch kid (first they are sour, then they are sweet), and she is the same. She demands to nurse and throws an absolute fit if I don't let her, then will unlatch to say "la oo!" (love you) and I immediately forget her hissy fit. It's her way or the high way (supposedly I'm the same way, but I don't see it ☺). She is literally the best though. So cute and sweet and smart and adorable. She is saying so many words and is already so interested in the potty! She loves all babies and stuffed animals. We got her a little pink shopping cart for Christmas and she pushes her little babies around and gives them their bottles. She wants me close at all times, even at night. She has to be holding my hand to sleep and it's a pain but something I will miss so badly some day. She's still a little peanut but finally starting to fit into 18 month clothes and she's finally eating more. I put her on our home scale yesterday and she was barely over 22 pounds. Oh, and my new favorite thing... she likes to try to talk to my google home. She will go to the counter and start yelling "google! google!" Man, I love that little girl

Kids suck the life outta you but bring so much joy. I love this life!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

New Territory

So much changes with kids, and it changes fast. Little things they said or did are gone in a few weeks... phases come and go without warning. I don't know why it's hard for me to get on here to update (ya know, other than the fact that I have four kids and a home to take care of) but I long to sit and write each and every little thing my kids are doing. It's my only sort of pause button in this life of a mom. But life gets in the way, and save for some videos and pictures, little moments are gone in the blink of an eye. Anyway, enough being sappy.

My daughter. She's the reason I wanted to take a minute to write. I titled this post new territory because for this girl of mine often makes me feel like a first time mom with no answers. You know what she's not doing? Sleeping through the night. My boys were all successfully sleep trained well before their first birthday... we tried it, multiple times, it just doesn't work with her. I'm at a loss. Sometimes I spend hours in her room passed out on her floor by her crib, holding her hand in some awkward angle leaving my arm asleep from the shoulder down. It's comfy. (insert eyeroll) So yeah, that's been fun. Now that Easton is in kindergarten my alarm is ringing at 5:50am so I'm adjusting to around 6 hours asleep. I probably could get more if I went to bed at a decent time, but I'm binge watching Jane the Virgin and I just. can't. stop. Don't feel sorry for me! I will always look back at these nights of sleeping on her floor with fondness. I mean, how cute is it that she needs to hold mommy's hand?? I'll survive. There's coffee.

Ok so the second thing on the list of "new" to me is the fact that I, as of today, have nursed her for 14 months. She hates bottles, cows milk, sippy cups of cows milk, cows milk out of a straw (unless it's chocolate, lol) and honestly, she eats like a bird. So, she still nurses. Like a lot. Mostly it's just quick little 3-4 minute sessions. But there is no end in sight. This girl has been a momma's girl since day one and she ain't letting go easy. I always kind of rolled my eyes at extended breastfeeding, but, at this point, I'm too lazy and out of good reasons to wean. Whatevs, she likes it... it's free and good for her. I think 18 months will be a maximum, hopefully before then. I guess we'll see how it goes, but like I said, this is new territory! Easton nursed until 12 months, the twins made it to 14 months too, but that last month was only morning and night.

But time goes so fast. What's a few more months of sleeping on the floor and nursing? She'll get the hang of it. I will long for these days when she's a teenager slamming doors in my face and telling me she doesn't need me.

I'm going to just roll with it. That's my mom-of-four mantra lately. Are they fed, happy, loved, healthy? Yep. Anything else is just details. 💚